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BMW 3-Series

Terms and Conditions of rent the car
  • Second driver
  • Redelivery and delivery of fully fuelled car
  • Payment method:Debit card, Credit card
Country of receipt and issue

Additional equipment
Car accessibility calendar

Сar owner

When renting, it is necessary to make an initial payment in the amount of the expected final price and a deposit of at least 200 euros. Travel abroad, with the exception of EU countries and Switzerland, requires written consent. Working hours are from Monday to Friday, Saturday by appointment, closed on Sunday. The car can be rented without a credit card for an additional fee. The minimum rental period is 3 days. The price is for the tariff "C" 24 hours, 250 km; 7 days - 1350 km - 399 euros; weekends - 800 km - 199 euros.