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Citroen C4

Terms and Conditions of rent the car
  • Second driver
  • Redelivery and delivery of fully fuelled car
  • Payment method:Credit card
Country of receipt and issue

Additional equipment
€ 10.00per day
Winter tires
Baby chair
€ 36.00per day
Car accessibility calendar

Сar owner

Services included in the price: Austrian road tolls, seasonal tires. The weekend fee is 119 euros. Rent during non-working hours is 39 euros. Car delivery in Austria is 119 euros. Available 150 km/day, additional km - 0.45 euros/km, surcharge for 350 additional free kilometers of the car - 79 euros, tire and windshield protection - 9.90 euros/day, surcharge for a young driver - 7.5 euros/day, additional driver - 10 euros/day. You cannot travel to these countries: Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Cyprus and Turkey, as well as to all non-European countries. The deposit amount varies depending on the car model and the rental period and is specified in the rental agreement.