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Questions and answers about car rental in Europe

Do I need an international license to rent a car in Europe?
In most European countries, it is allowed to drive a car if you have a national driver's license. You will need an international license when visiting countries such as Albania, the Vatican, Gibraltar, Ireland, Iceland, Malta, Cyprus, the Netherlands, and Turkey.
Is it possible to move from one European country to another in a rented car?
Most rental companies allow the possibility of crossing the borders of European countries. But often the list of countries available to visit is limited. You can find it in the section "rental Conditions" for the selected car.
Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, our service allows you to cancel your reservation. To do this, use a special form. Read more about the cancellation policy when choosing a car.
Is there a deposit when renting a car in Europe?
The deposit is reserved when you got the car by the client's credit card. The reserved deposit will be available for use again within 2 to 4 weeks after the car is returned. The deposit is usually equal to the amount of the insurance deductible and the cost of a full fuel tank, but depending on the age of the driver, location of rental, the car class and the rental period may vary. You can find out the amount of the deposit for most cars in the "rental Conditions" section, where the deposit amount is usually clearly stated.
At which rental point should you leave the car after the end of the rental period?
Some rental companies provide a car rental service in another city or even another country. To take advantage of this, you must check the possibility at the booking stage and select the "Return elsewhere" option, indicating the specific place where you plan to leave your car. In this case, the rental price will include payment for a refund at another rental point.
What should I do if technical problems or an accident occurred while using the rented car?
In case of emergency situations, you must immediately contact the rental company that offered you the car. If you are involved in an accident, you must report it to the police, collect contact information from other participants in the accident, and register the damage in a police report. You must save copies of all documents. When returning the car, you must fill out an accident report.
What insurance is provided when renting a car?
When renting a car, the renter's liability insurance is mandatory - the driver's personal civil liability to compensate the damage to third parties. The insurance possibility can be viewed in the data map of the selected car on the site. Almost all types of insurance require a deductible, i.e. the amount within which the owner is responsible. At the customer's request, additional car insurance is possible on the terms of deductible reimbursement. Sometimes the rental price already includes full insurance. In this case, the "rental Conditions" section for the selected car will indicate a zero deductible.
What is the FCAR code in the voucher?
The FCAR code allows you to select the alternative car in the same class if the model you have selected is not available.