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Yamaha motorbike

Terms and Conditions of rent the car
  • Second driver
  • Redelivery and delivery of fully fuelled car
  • Deposit:€ 500.00
  • Payment method:Cash, Debit card, Credit card
Country of receipt and issue

Additional equipment
Car accessibility calendar

Сar owner

The rental fee for motorcycles includes: unlimited mileage; Hungarian road ticket; free equipment (helmet, jacket, gloves, trousers and boots); third-party insurance and hard hat (comprehensive) for the entire European Union; free use of side baskets and top cover, if they are available for the selected motorcycle; built-in USB charger device; phone holder. Prices for motorcycle delivery in Hungary: less than 250 km: 50 euros + 0.25 euros/km; more than 250 km: 65 euros + 0.25 euros/km. Additionally included: ABS, ESA, ASC, hand protection, heated handles, topcase, side covers, tank bag, crash bars, windshield. We do not work on weekends, so you can rent a motorcycle on weekends only for 2 days, the price on weekends is 187 euros/weekend. The torque is 85 Nm. The cubic volume in cm3 is 1,063 cm3.