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Porsche 914

Terms and Conditions of rent the car
  • Redelivery and delivery of fully fuelled car
  • Payment method:Cash, Credit card, Bank Transfer
Country of receipt and issue

Additional equipment
Car accessibility calendar

Сar owner

In the case of a 1-day rental, the full-day rental lasts from 08:00 am to 19:00 pm and covers a mileage of no more than 200 km. The lease lasts until 20.00 in the summer (until September 30), and until 18.30 in the autumn (until October 31). When renting in October, a lot can depend on the weather. Cars can be driven by people with at least 3 years of driving experience. You can drive our cars from our location to Badachon, or, if necessary, we will take them to a certain place within a radius of 5 km from Badachontomai. Rented cars cannot stay overnight in any other place, only in their own garage. The spent fuel is included in the rental price. The car is for photos only. 2 hours - 84 euros. Each additional hour started + 36 euros.