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Audi Q5

Terms and Conditions of rent the car
  • Second driver
  • Redelivery and delivery of fully fuelled car
  • Payment method:Debit card, Credit card
Country of receipt and issue

Additional equipment
Car accessibility calendar

Сar owner

Each driver must be at least 21 years old. A rented car can only be driven within the Federal Republic of Germany., travel abroad only with written consent. Before the transfer of the vehicle, the lessor may require an advance payment in the amount of the expected rental cost, as well as a deposit for the rented car at the discretion of the lessor. The price is for the included 100 km. From Monday to Friday: 300 km - 115 euros; 500 km - 130 euros. Weekend: 500 km - 170 euros; 1000 km - 210 euros. Week (7 days): 1000 km - 310 euros.